The underbody rubberising is an industrial strength waterproofer and rust convertor, that we have been using for over 40 years to treat the floor and the chassis of vehicles.

It is locally manufactured, specifically to provide a chemical solution to oxidation caused by the high salt content in the air-courtesy of our beautiful ocean and the lovely Cape Town winds.

Add to that some off roading, sand dunes riding and boat launching and voilà-Rust.
We apply this specialised coating with a specific spray gun that has a long and narrow nuzzle, designed to reach into all the undercarriage cavities and surfaces, excluding any engine or exhaust parts.

Once applied, and it’s a nice thick coat, this product acts as a chemical barrier, seals the sprayed areas, preventing any further reaction between the metal and the oxygen/salt. Problem solved! The product is recommended for new or used 4x4s, bakkies-especially if launching any boats or jet skis, trailers and even cars, as they are all vulnerable without it. A large customer base is coming from Namibia, as the roads there are covered with salt, as well as mining vehicles.
The process takes 4-5 hours, please call me for any further information and bookings.