Any hole cut into the vehicle panels after it has been sprayed is a rust promoter.
Whether a factory fitted or an aftermarket whim, the presence of these accessories is bound to be the weak spot as far as rust is concerned.

The hole is sealed by a rubber that will get dry and brittle and eventually perish completely, becoming a water trap that will be the cause for rust to form.
The rust forms under the fittings and is only noticeable when it starts to creep under the rubber.

It causes the hole to grow and in many cases I see ariels fall right through the roof or the fender into the car, boot spoilers coming loose or fall off and sunroof panels flapping in the wind as the vehicle is driven.
The repair process involves removing all the surrounding rust, closing the hole, sealing and spraying the panel.
As a long term solution -successfully convincing the owner of the vehicle to re-frame from fitting the part back, more specifically; fitting an internal ariel and putting the boot spoiler INSIDE the boot, to be taken home and hung in the garage, or over the fire place.

As for sunroofs- it’s a bit more tricky. Most people wouldn’t like to part from this cool feature, sunroof panels and mechanisms in particular are made out of very thin metal that is bound to rust quicker than the rest of the vehicle so the solution isn’t as permanent And periodical repairs will be needed as a matter of maintenance.

Most motor manufacturers have moved to internal ariels, stick- on spoilers and glass sunroofs in order to prevent rust.
So next time you climb into your car and have any of the above fittings, come see me so we can make sure no rust is waiting to rid you of them.
Until next time, have fun and drive safe.