The joy of doing something different. We were asked by a good friend to customise his bikes. Now we don’t usually deal with these sort of jobs, and in the past I never encouraged clients to bring in their two wheels flying brooms to us.

Bikes require a different type of repairs and paint application, the work is very detailed and time consuming , the paint is expensive and in general it’s a headache I can do without. My personal opinion on the presence of bikes on the road and the way people ride them, probably didn’t help as well. Never the less, I was intrigued.

The paint job that we were asked to produce was an old school seventies type of application that I’ve never seen nor heard of before. Add to that a complex three colour pattern and we’re sitting with a logistic mountain we need to climb.

Commence advanced research!

Our paint supplier was the obvious starting point, but they couldn’t help much ( not their fault).

Then we heard of a guy that knows a guy that lives next to a guy that does this sort of thing, on the far side of the peninsula- typing this was a confusing as the real thing- that we went to see, but because he knew he was quite unique he wasn’t too happy to cooperate and suggested to do the paint job, at a very challenging amount of money.

Back to square one.

O.K, deep breath, think of puppies and let’s try a different avenue of approach.

Luckily our spray painter is a biker enthusiast and through his own connection within the bikers fraternity found the right guy that can supply us with paint, from an undisclosed supplier somewhere in a dark corner of the shire, just next to where unicorns are born, as well as a brilliant airbrush artist that worked with this application before and was more than happy to provide the necessary advise.

Now for the fun part. No pressure!

Well, I’ll tell you , I’ve never seen Clive, our spray painter, so happy. He sat for hours masking and creating the required patterns, spraying on colour, then masking and spaying another,  then again on a different part, until it was done. It was VERY detailed and Very time consuming and VERY expensive….


So yes, it is joyful to do something different from time to time and measure yourself outside your comfort zone.

Bring on those custom jobs!!!