No two words have been written about more, elaborated on and referred to in the service industries. Books and workshops and videos and ,and ,and…All to do with how to handle the client, the ‘KING”.

I think it’s actually quite simple, What do people want when they come to my workshop? How do they what to be treated and handled?

Simple – Respect.

I always try to act as if I was the client and be respectful. When you respect a client you’ll treat him/her with the outmost professional manner, make sure you understand their need and provide the service to answer that need. When you arrive to my workshop, I greet you, shake your hand and LISTEN to what you say.

I then assess your car and give you all the information regarding the repairs process, duration and price. I send you pics from the various work stations that your car goes through while being repaired, updating you  on the progress of your car.

I love the remarks I get!

My staff and I take great pride in what we do and I enjoy every opportunity to share that with client. The other great value in this practice is to ensure that we actually do all what I promised we’ll do.

Finally you get the call to notify you that we’re ready and you’re welcome to collect.

The one before last remark you hear from me is that:” I won’t call you to hear if you’re happy, because I hate when others do that to me, however, if you’re less than happy with anything we did, please let me know and we’ll fix it”, then we say goodbye.