Hello and welcome,

it’s about time that I join the blogging community now that my electronic platform has been revamped and polished.

It’s my first time, so be kind and forgiving, however, I’d like to start the narrative of my professional life.

I’ll try my outmost best to keep it clean, but emotions will most defiantly rise and filter through-for that I do not apologise.

The first topic I’d like to share relates to the treatment of rust .

That is the core of my business and I take great pride in the fact that we are the only repairer that specialise in this field, so much so, that other members of my fraternity send their clients to me when they need rust removed from their vehicles.

Our magnificent ocean, playground for surfers, home of the Great White ,is the main cause of rust along its shores.

The salt attacks the vehicle’s paint and make its way on to the metal.

Any chip or scratch in the paint add to the process and then the rust starts to appear.

Windscreens crack, holes appear, water gush in, smelly carpets and floors collapse-all because you live next to great body of very salty waters.

The only way to treat rust-and yes it can be treated- is to completely remove it from the affected area, either by grinding the rust away, or in more advanced stages( yes, like cancer) to cut the rust out and re-construct the panel by welding new steal.

Once the rust is gone, we primer, seal and apply a new coat of paint, thus restoring the part to its original state.

A 12 months guarantee is applicable to all rust repairs, similar to the manufacturer’s guarantee on any new part.

It’s a form of art, not easy to do, time consuming and very unforgiving in case you try to shortcut the procedure.

New welding technologies, advanced primers and paints and years of experience allow us to maintain high quality rust repairs and offer the vehicle owner the peace of mind that his car has been reconstructed to its former glory.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Annual inspections are very much recommended to keep an on-going care.

But more on that next time, I need to avoid boring you and still keep the suspense.

Thanks for your time, appreciate your feedback.

Live long and prosper.