When clients collect their vehicle after rust  removal or restoration,  part of my service is to educate them about how to maintain a restored car. So, the following simple steps are recommended to prolong the life and keep the shine of your restored or repaired car:

How to Maintain a Restored Car

  1. Covered parking.
    The single most important practice is to park it in a garage.
    Second best thing is covered parking, failing that, a car cover is very effective.
    They all protect to some degree against the harsh environmental threats to the paint work, i.e. salt, bird droppings ,UV and industrial fallout.
  2. Wash it frequently.
    The more the better, but should at least twice a month.
    Water won’t cause the car to rust-it’s the salt in the air that speeds the process, so wash it off.
    It’s important  to clean all the dead leaves and bird dropping from the paint, they can cause quite a bit of damage.
  3. Wax.
    No, I’m not going to quote from a famous 80’s movie, but it is important to wax the vehicle.
    Waxing builds up a barrier that accumulates on the paint and prolongs the paint’s life span.
    When washing a car after being waxed earlier, you will notice how the water is actually repelled from the paint, so are the elements.
    Our own concoction of  chemical vehicle rust protection, designed specifically to withstand the harsh costal conditions.
    Protecting the most vulnerable and rust prone areas. We offer a three year rust protection guarantee, subject to an annual inspection, which brings me to:
  4. Regular inspection.
    Make it a habit to regularly inspect your car paint work for any chip marks, scratches or stone chips that have gone through the paint.
    These little chips in the paintwork will start rusting sooner rather than later and if left unattended, will spread and become holes in the bodywork. You are more than welcome to make turn by our workshop and get them cleaned and touched up.


So there you have it! 5 easy to understand, not so easy to do(,I know, I know) steps to keep your car in great form after rust repairs or a restoration. See you soon for an inspection.