Sure works for me! I’ve been involved in business networking for over 15 years, and find it to be the single most important marketing and promoting tool. The business opportunities are remarkable.

It is quite obvious that word of mouth is the best marketing tool available to any business. Nothing beats a happy customer that will  refer anyone he knows to you.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense  to be part of a GROUP of potential clients that generate leads inside and outside the network. Leads that transform into trade opportunities  at an exponential rate that soon become an integrated part of your business.

Some will benefit more than others, they’ll receive  more leads, more frequently, but eventually  all the group members reap financial gain from the network.

Wow, a lot of heavy words, but it’s worth it!

Then there are the added values.

It’s lonely to run a small business, lonely and stressful.

To be able to introduce yourself and your particular choice of income to like-minded small business owners-people that can understand the daily “pleasures “of running a commercial entity, that KNOW what’s it like to deal with staff, suppliers and above all customers- goes a long way in the constant effort to maintain your sanity and restore the love for your fellow humans.

The mere fact that you are able to share, engage and consult with other people has a tremendous personal value.

Add a bit of humour, witty comments, social gatherings-and you have a powerful combination that helps to take you through your professional , and sometimes personal life.

So go out there, network!