Rustguard is the rust proofing process that is used to protect new and repaired vehicles from the harmful Cape Town environment.

Rustproofing & Under-body Rubberizing treatment is a two stage process:

First, we apply on to the under body of the vehicle a locally manufactured water proofer and rust convertor. It’s a thick and extremely durable coating, that covers the whole floor, chassis and wheel arches. It’s a bumper to bumper application- excluding the exhaust system and the engine.

The principal behind it is that by sealing the undercarriage, oxygenation is eliminated, and the coating prevents stone chips and scuff marks from gravel roads and driving over sand. It’s ideal for a vehicle used for launching boats and jet skis. We have been using this product successfully for over 25 years.

The next step is to apply Techtyl, which is a paraffin based substance, all around the doors hinges, striker plates, gutters and engine well. The application is clear, durable and long lasting.

The principal here is to create a chemical barrier between the elements- water, salt, pollution and the vehicle’s areas most prone to rust. The process carries a three year guarantee on the treated areas, subject to an annual inspection.

Cost may vary for different size vehicles, between 2850.00to R4500.00 ex VAT.

It takes 6 hours to apply, booking is essential.

Underbody rubberize