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Prevention is better than cure, ( I’ll try not do that too often) and the Rustguard rustproofing process is the best rust protection. The process is quite elaborate and covers the most rust prone areas in the vehicle.
Most motor manufacturers don’t bother to rust proof their vehicles for the simple fact that most car in SA are not sold around the coastal line, but inland-rust free paradise.
They rather deal individually with coastal rust problems, do a small touch up, or surface repair, until your car falls out of warranty-then it’s your problem.
Whether a new vehicle or one that we repaired, older cars in good condition are more than welcome-we can protect and slow down the onset of rust.

Maintenance, maintenance ,maintenance!!
Once we have restored your vehicle, and faith in human kind, we need to keep seeing it on a regular basis.
If I don’t see your car for three /four years, don’t be surprised that more rust has developed on it and another operation is needed, so an annual rust inspection is more than recommended.
We clean small paint chips, scratches and touch them up to prevent the rust setting in.
It took a while, but with the help of Paul Green from Sanit SA, we came up with a smart packaging for the car care products that we supply. It contains the most important maintenance tool- the car shampoo/wax combination.
The constant use of our industrial strength car soap/wax helps build a barrier against the salt and protects the paint-it also makes the car look good, which is very important.
Take care, until next time…

Robby Cohen