One common phenomenon  I encounter , is the one  related to the sudden, seemly unexplained and unexpected popping open of the bonnet whilst driving. The utter dismay experienced during such a rather amusing but seriously dangerous occurrence can lead to loss of vehicle control and scary outcomes.

In order to avoid the above mentioned unpleasant struggle, here are some important points:

  1. Always make sure that once open, the bonnet is closed properly. Sounds like a no brainer, but better be sure than sorry.
  2. The proper way to close a bonnet is to let if fall into locking itself, don’t push it close-you’ll dent it. Just let it fall the last 20-25 centimetres, you’ll see it closing with a very satisfactory clank. Once locked you shouldn’t be able to lift it AT ALL .
  3. IF IT DOESN’T- well, this is where you need to investigate. If it fails to lock or you detect a play even thou you think you closed it, first thing-try again.
  4. Make sure that the bonnet catch lever inside the car is back to its original position, they sometime refuse to do so-resulting in the lock remaining open. Now try closing the bonnet again.
  5. Failing that, make sure that the bonnet lock is functioning properly-they do tend to stop doing so without letting you know about it.

If the lock seems loose or faulty, tie the bonnet down and drive slowly to the nearest panel shop.- we’re in Paarden Eiland.

The guide to correctly operate your car bonnet and  doors

This is just a porche in a wind tunnel

The other issue I’d like to refer to is the correct way to open your car’s door during a windy day. You’d think every Capetonian will know this by now, surprisingly ( not that I’m complaining) not many do, so here it is- THE SECRET TO OPENING a door while the southeaster’s blowing, opening it in such a way that it doesn’t tear your arm out  from your shoulder socket, bang the door into the car parked next to you ( hopefully not your own car, while trying to climb out of a lift you just had- yep, that happens, I can tell you some stories) lift off innocent children and throw them out of the car ( not funny) and avoiding an overall embarrassing situation IS to open the window before you open the door! Thus allowing the wind to blow through the door, reducing its pull and  improving control. Once you or your passenger are out ,firmly hold the door, close the window, lock the car and walk away like a boss.