Apart from rust repairs and rust preventing treatment, we offer the service of a speed shop.

The speed shop is dedicated for fixing small dents, scratches and bumper repairs. Whenever the pavement got too close, or too high, the pole jumped at your car and the shopping trolley decided to stop a second too late, not to mention the nice mark left by the next car’s door opening into your car, we can quickly restore your vehicle to its pre-incident condition.

The turnaround time is anything from 2 hours to a day, depends on the scope of work. New and innovative speed repairs technologies are being developed in order to address this specialised service.

From super-fast drying primers and paint, infrared lights and U.V lamps and even gas powered inverting dryer, all to minimise the required repair time and enable the traumatised driver to regain his/her dignity and pretend it never happened.

Special attention is paid to distressed wives/husbands and confidentiality is guaranteed-no one will sleep on the sofa tonight!

Until next time…