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I love vehicle branding- the full wrapping kit that transforms a dull conventional car/bakkie/panel van, into a mobile advertising billboard.

The bright prints, clever imaging, fancy fonts are catchy and refreshing and going a long way towards” Putting Your Name Out There”.

No, really, I do appreciate the creative effort required into this advertising tool.

Most of all I  like the fitting process, especially the fitter’s blades.

Blades??? Yes the blades.

You see, in order to apply the wrapping all over the vehicle, cutting needs to occur, and that is the best part! As the fitter cuts the vinyl in order to adjust it to the various surfaces, he or she are doing it ON THE VEHICLE, thus cutting into the paintwork.

I’m sure you can guess where this is going.

The vehicle is delivered to the owner (looking great and all) which is unaware that a rust time bomb has started ticking, and it take a while before anybody sees it.

By the time it becomes noticeable, the rust has set in and in order to treat it it’s necessary to remove part of the wrapping , sort the problem, spray and then re-fit the branding.

That’s why I love vehicle branding.

Until next time…