I’d like to focus on the subject of water leaks.

No, not from your radiator. I mean water leaking into your car.

It happens when it rains, or when you wash the car -the carpets get wet and the smell is VERY noticeable, vapour mists the windows

And then when you drive, you have the distinct feeling of water running somewhere in the car and slushing sounds effects every time you accelerate or break.

Water has devastating consequences on the interior of your vehicle, as well as the electrical components of the car, a lot of things go wrong very quickly.

The floor under the carpet starts rusting, wires get corroded ,shorts occur and the interior of your vehicle becomes less and less pleasant to occupy.


Although wellingtons are back in fashion (used to be last winter) they are not the preferred method to sort the problem.


In some instances it is quite clear where the” point of entry” is- rust  around the front or rear screens, holes in the roof, especially around the bee sting aerials, miss- aligned doors or tail gates.

But in other “cases” it’s hidden and require a lot of stripping to find where exactly the water enters the car.

More often than not it will involve a hose pipe, lead light and a very small man closed in the boot, to conclude the investigation.

NB-we do make sure not to leave Simon in there for too long, no danger of him coming home with you.

Once the cause is detected, the repair process can commence, the hole closed, sealed, rustproofed and then tested with more water applied on the area to make sure the problem is solved.

The repairing of water leaks is the most interesting and involved aspects of our work, it’s never boring.

However it needs to be done right and that’s what we do!

Stay dry-if not, come see me.