Rust repairs, done properly, is a labour intense task. A great deal of stripping has to take place, in order to expose the full extent of the damaged area. This includes, most of the time, screens (which require outsourcing specialists), roof lining (ditto), and surrounding parts like fenders and doors.

Only then the fun begins-grinding & cutting & welding & sealing, followed by primer preparations, masking, application, flatting and then the whole procedure is repeated, leading to paint and spraywork inside the spraybooth. But wait-there’s more; after a baking period that lets the paint cure, we need to assemble everything back (call the specialists), polish, clean, double check everything is working ……and the vehicle is ready for collection. Oh, all this assuming no one has tried to repair the rust before.

No disrespect to anyone, but when I recognise a previous repair attempt done by someone else, all bets are off.  We now need to expose the extent of that cover-up, ending up with a much larger area of repairs and more time and increased cost. I can tell you stories about what we found shoved into rust holes, but you won’t believe me.

Like I said- intense! But that is why we offer guarantee on our rust repairs.